Canederli festival

Tasting of different kinds of "canederli" in the square "Piaz J.B. Massar" in Vigo, organised by the local brass band "Mùsega da Vich"

A canederli-themed tasteful journey, sweet and savoury. For gourmets, this is an opportunity to seize: in one evening, you will be able to taste as many as four different versions of one of the most characteristic dishes of the Dolomite area. The taste trail winds its way through the "Piaz J.B. Massar" square in Vigo and is organised by "Mùsega da Vich" band, in partnership with local Events Committee. Accompanying the tastings is the cheerful music of a folk group.

The stars will be four types of "canederli", paired with craft mountain beers:

  • speck dumplings with "Masc Aloch" goulash
  • red beet dumplings with "Chèr de Fascia" cheese heart and cabbage salad
  • spinach dumplings with "Chèr de Fascia" cheese fondue
  • sweet "canederlo"

For children, at 8.00 p.m., an amusing workshop to learn how to make "canederli", following the precious tips by the cook Daniele, member of "Mùsega da Vich", to then tell mom and dad: "I did it!" (enrolments at the tourist office in Vigo; € 3).

Prices: 18 € for three plates of savoury dumplings; 8 € for a plate of sweet or savoury dumplings; 4.50 € for a craft beer. Tickets on sale at the cashier’s desk in the "Piaz J.B. Massar" square from 6.00 p.m.

Event location: J.B. Massar Square, Vigo di Fassa (San Giovanni di Fassa)

Info & contacts

Vich Events Comitato Manifestazioni Vigo di Fassa
Strada Rezia, 10
38036 San Giovanni di Fassa (Vigo) IT
+39 0462 609700

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